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SONY DSCWelcome to the world of VasagoFineFragrances. Perfumes, Colognes, and Exclusive Imported Oils for Men and Women.  These fragrances are hand-crafted and designed to tantalize & awaken the senses of both sexes.

Vasago is crafted with pure notes combined together for rich subtle scents, which stays all-day and night. Many exclusive perfumes last a few hours, leaving you to refresh with an atomizer given as a complimentary gift for buying the complete fragrance set.

What makes Vasago so fabulous are the natural essences, fruits and herbs which are extracted with other natural ingredients,  also no colors or preservatives that create a sensual & sexual aroma that accentuates the body chemistry.  You can actually smell the key raw materials that also leave an enchanting scent after exiting a gala, formal affair, or party etc.  The luxuriousness of Vasago will become a well-known name in the perfume spectrum; the scent will be noticed anytime, anywhere.

Vasago, created by mother and daughter was carefully thought out to establish longevity. Therefore, our priority is to build and establish a reputation with a high rate of value to the customer, who would be proud to wear the fragrances as a favorite.  This is why we created a blend that conventionalized a “Masterpiece”…

The bottles we chose were very important as well, so we decided to have hand-crafted bottles for Vasago that compliment men & women. …Women usually love a collection of perfumes, yet these hand-crafted bottles really stand out on a beautiful dresser, or a Man who has a collection of colognes, this would be a perfect exquisite hand-crafted bottle, which would catch the eye of many.  These bottles are very unique and cannot be found in exclusive or regular department stores.  Once you choose the fragrance, you then make your choice of an exquisite bottle that fits you.

Our goal as mother and daughter is to share the Vasago line Worldwide, yet we are certain this will come in time, as we would be proud and elated to have as much support as possible. As a mother and daughter team we are enthralled to bring much attention to Vasago perfume and exclusive imported oils for Men & Women.

Initially, this started as a hobby for me and my daughter.  However, as time went by we became totally engrossed in what we created.  I have been a fanatic for fine fragrances for many years, and this is how my dream started taking form. As my daughter seen my dedication and loved the passion for this art, she began to love it just as much as me.  I have wanted to change my life, yet I was uncertain at first if I could achieve what I have such a passion for.  But with my daughter by my side sharing this passion too, it became clearer to me that you really can make your dream a reality. 

This dream/endeavor would manifest itself again as I walked pass the closet door in our hallway.  As I was walking pass the closet a voice clearly said, pull out the fragrances you and your daughter made a couple years ago, and began again.  I am proud to say that since that voice spoke to me, my daughter and I have created 3 fragrances for Women & 3 Fragrances for Men, and we are continuing to make others. I listened to this voice and stepped out on faith. My daughter and I want our product to be as innovative as possible.

We would like for Vasago to represent genuine quality and superb exclusivity.  Though you aren’t able to please everyone, our objective and dedication is to please as many perfume companies and customers as possible.  I feel  I have a great creative artistic beauty for making fragrances, and a great respect for all that are artistically talented, in many genres, and I am very proud of my daughter who has grown a significant amount of respect for what she has also created.  We hope and believe that the Vasago line will have the opportunity to be introduced to the vast public, because it is worth the exposure.

We would like to thank everyone for reading about Vasago and its makers, it touches our hearts. We can be contacted via  website, additional options can be found on the website too.  Currently, we are seeking Perfume manufactures interested in introducing or featuring new perfume artist.  Also the public can reach us on the same website.  Thanking you in advance for all your support….





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