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Essential Body Fragrances

Greetings Everyone! 

Please note that we have (2) pages about our “Essential” oils, due to there being more “Essential” fragrances providing you with the “Usages”, and a broader knowledge to extend to our customers and visitors. Also, we look forward to providing “Personal and “Customer care to behold a long-lasting relationship with each and everyone.

Below are some of the ‘Body Essentials’ we offer, plus our featured fragrance ‘Vasago for Men & Women. Some of these essentials are used in the ‘Top’ fragrances today for men and women. These ‘Essentials’ are the finest available, and they can also be used for other purposes. Please feel free to check out our prices as you will find them to be very reasonable. Also with your purchase, you can still choose from our assortment of ‘Flacon’ bottles that compliments and speaks volumes about you. Be sure to check out the additional page for our ‘Essential’ oils and their ‘Usages’, and again a larger selection that we provide.


Please Note: Your ‘Essential’ oil purchase will come in a darker bottle to protect the potency, but packaged beautifully just the same.


Citrus Delight-Bright and lively, and aroma combination of grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime. Used for bath & body.



Lavender Chamomile- An herbal aroma with notes of floral tea. Used for bath & body.



White Gardenia- Clean, floral and jasmine-like aroma. Used for bath & body.


Gardenia- Clean, floral and jasmine-like aroma. Used for bath & body.



Lilac Mist- Clean, floral and jasmine-like in the aroma. Used for bath & body.


Creamy Coconut- Fresh, nutty & creamy aroma reminiscent of tropical reminders. Used For bath & body.


Honey Suckle- Honey-sweet & floral aroma. Used for bath & body.


Bergamot- Alluring floral-citrus aroma. Uplifting, rejuvenating,invigorating and soothing. Used for bath & body.


Cranberry Citrus- Tart aroma with a zesty burst of citrus. Used for bath & body.


Lemon Oil 100%-  Zesty-sweet,tart aroma. Uplifts, cleanses & refreshes. Used for bath & body.


Lemon Essential Oil-  Zesty-sweet,tart aroma, cleanses & refreshes. Used for bath & body.


Geranium 100% Essential- Fruity,floral &slighty minty aroma. Helpful with occasional stress, fear, and nerves, Mood- lifter, stimulates & energizes.


Green Tea- Fragrance Oil- Full bodied refreshing aroma. A combination tea and light floral scent. Used for bath & body.


Mandarin Essential Oil 100%- sweet, tart & floral aroma. Soothing harmony eases away occasional tension. Heightens a sense of awareness while meditating. Use for bath & body


Magnolia Fragrance Oil- Floral & fresh aroma with lush creamy notes of lemon. Use for bath & body.


Baby Powder Fragrance Oil- powdery aroma, like holding a newborn in your arms. Use for bath & body.


Banana Oil- Sweet creamy scent, like that of a ripe banana. Use for bath & body.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Oil- Invigorating, intoxicating fruity aroma, with notes of sandalwood & vanilla. Use for bath & body.


Cucumber Melon Oil- Crisp, fresh scent, combining refreshing cucumber combined with honeydew. Use for bath & body.


Frangipani Fragrance Oil- Floral, heady aroma, entrapping the scent of the tropics. Use for bath & body.


Blooming Jasmine Oil- Lively, bright aroma combining jasmine with other soft floral scents. Use for body & bath.


Mango Oil- Fresh, green, slightly fruity fragrance with just a touch of sweetness. Use for bath & body.


Musk Oil- Sweet & spicy in aroma. Use for bath & body.


Chocolate Mousse Oil- Sweet, decadent aroma. It’s chocolate lovers dream scent. Use for bath & body.


Neroli 100% Essential Oil- Light, sweet, floral aroma. Creates soothing serenity. Excellent for stress.


Rose Deluxe Oil- Familiar floral, romantic scent of freshly picked roses. Use for bath & body.


Sandalwood Essential Oil- Smoky- sweet scent aroma of Indian Sandalwood. A popular meditative aid. Opens the mind to spiritual enlightenment.


Patchouli 100% Essential Oil- Exotic, smoky & warm aroma. Heavier, deeper aroma than light Patchouli. An atmospheric scent for romance & meditation.


Vanilla Bean Fragrance Essential- Warm tempestuous aroma with notes of cream & sugar. Use for bath & body.


Ylang-Ylang- Honey sweet aroma with rich bourbon undertones. Combined with three distinct grades of ylang-ylang oil. Melts tension while igniting the passions. Use for bath & body