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We would like to express how proud and honored to have so many visitors come and show your support for ‘VasagoFineFragrances’, and ‘Essential’ oils. The joy and hope that you provide with your kind, motivating and heartfelt comments fill us with much gratitude, which we continuously display in our ‘Pages’ and ‘Post. Although our customer base has not grown very much, we are still humble and have great hope that our visitors will give us a chance. We ask for your patience as we are planning some very exciting ideas… And just to let you in on what we’re planning. We are going to have a “Promotional’ give away to (1) very exquisite lady, and (1) exquisite gentleman. This lady and gentleman will be asked to make a (2 )videos, one for each about VasagoFineFragrances. Also we will do some ‘Fun’ information, along with trivia quizzes to see how savvy you are when it comes to ‘Men’ & ‘Women’ fragrances, which will always come solely from our site, with seldom information taken from others that are wrong, due to the fact that they also do their own research which takes time across the board. Another interesting plan that we have is to “Showcase” others that have ‘Niche’ fragrances for Men & Women that get no attention but have created beautiful works of ‘Art’ in the fragrance industry. We strongly believe that there is room enough for some new ‘Fragrance’ designers, and some new names on the scene of our ‘Art/Fragrance Designer’ genre, and newsletters for those interested in having them sent directly to their email address. So this is some of the things that we are working on, plus much more. Thanking you kindly in advance for the time, attention and your delightful comments, that can be placed in our ‘Forum’ link at our ‘Homepage’. May everyone has ‘Peace & Blessing!



Contact: Felice

Email: Vasago64111@gmail.com

Phone: 1+(856) 761-2235











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