All About Essential Oils:) Everything You Need To Know…

Humans are a fickle sort…

All right, I suppose I should clarify and say Americans are fickle… if not just down right silly – especially when it comes to our health.

We spent over $374 BILLION dollars in healthcare in 2014. Per person, we spend 40% more than any other nation. And if you take into account the entire medical industry the number is simply staggering: $3.8 Trillion dollars. (Yes, that’s with a “T”!)

That’s more than the entire Gross Domestic Product for 87% of the countries of the world! And yet, despite spending all that money, America is still ranked 17th in terms of quality of health.

So why am I bringing this up? After all, you’re here to learn about essential oils, right? You bet your little tushy you are. I bring these figures up because if you’re like the majority of Americans, you know (deep down inside) that there is a better way to health. A more natural way to health.

The Most Powerful Forms Of Healing
Are Found Right Here On God’s Green Earth.

Mother Nature knows more than humans will ever know. And she provides everything we could ever need to maintain vibrant health well into our mature years.

And I don’t care what the “officials” say – something made from chemicals in a lab will never work better than what Mother Nature can come up with. The irony is… most of the treatments are created in a lab today is just trying to duplicate what Nature already does.

So why do companies spend decades… and billions of dollars… doing this? Simple: You can’t patent a plant or natural process. And if you can’t patent it… you can’t make money!

(Heaven forbid they spend all that money to actually make peoples lives easier and more pain free.)

Essential oils are today’s natural miracle remedies… yet the practice of using essential oils has been around for thousands of years.

In fact, using essential oils dates back to the ancient Egyptians. And in many ancient texts the oils were often referred to as “nectar of the Gods.”

There are also over 500 references to essential oils in the Bible. Obviously these miracles of Mother Nature were highly revered by Ancient Man.

When I first learned about Essential Oils my first thought was “how could something so simple actually improve my health?”

But we did more research and learned how they really work, amazing.

Because lately I’ve seen a lot of articles popping up on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites talking about them and a lot of the information is, how do I say this politely… boring!

Not to mention it’s not very accurate.

So the purpose of this article is to share with you information on Essential Oils that can help you make wise choices.

Especially as you start to incorporate them into your life to improve your health and well being.

I also found information you can take that helps you discover which oils are best for you and your unique situation. I mean, you can read my post too. Yet let’s admit it… learning is way more fun!

(You can find the information on our “Usage” page, if you want to jump right to it.)

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have become a bit of a “buzz” word that a lot of people talk about. Yet, if you ask someone “what are essential oils”… you’ll get a different answer every time!

So let’s dive into a quick examination of just what exactly they are.

You can consider essential oils as the “life blood” of a plant. They circulate through all the plant tissue and carry nutrition into the cells and waste products out. Thus, the “essential” part… without them, the plant would die!

Here’s the interesting thing: when high quality essential oils are applied to your skin, they do many of the same tasks as they do while inside the plant. They quickly permeate the cell walls of your skin to deliver nutrition and remove waste.

As they do this, they help to clean the receptor sites of your cells… receptors that are easily disrupted by heavy metals and petrochemicals (the chemicals found in plastic).

This cleansing effect helps to restore balance to your body, which ultimately helps you to feel better.

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

Notice I said high quality essential oils. That’s because not all oils are created equal. There are three types of essential oils: fragrance, food and therapeutic grade.

95% of all essential oils are made for the food and fragrance industry. There are hundreds of compounds in just one essential oil, but not all oils are used for healing purposes.

The fragrance industry is just interested in the nice smell. So in a lab they remove only the part of the oil that gives the smell and they throw the rest out.

The food industry just wants the parts that taste good. So in a lab the take out the ingredients that taste like mint, peppermint, cinnamon, etc., and use small amounts to flavor the things they make.

With Therapeutic Oils, all of the compounds are left in tact so that you can experience the fully health benefits that Mother Nature intended.

When “Natural” Isn’t Natural at All

Here’s where things get really fun…

Most of us are becoming savvy shoppers who read the labels for the food we buy. Words like “organic”, “sugar-free” and “all natural” are signs we look for that indicate that food is healthier for us.

Yet the government allows anyone to use the word “natural” on a product if… read very carefully now… the compounds that make up the product COULD be produced in nature!

Read that again. This means that even if the product is 100% man-made in a lab from synthetic materials, yet it could have been made of natural ingredients, then it can be labeled as “natural.”

That’s why you will find….

Oils That Heal & Oils That Don’t

Real therapeutic grade essential oils can promote restoration and provide balance to all of your body’s systems.

Synthetic oils do not.

How can you tell the difference?

The type of bottle is your first clue: REAL essential oils are stored in dark bottles with a label that shows all the ingredients, including the botanical name.

Synthetic oils come in clear bottles, do not show the ingredients or if they do, don’t list the botanical name and have absolutely no healing property at all.

Your second clue is the price: Real essential oils cost more. And for many people, the higher price is a turn off. Yet what do you prefer? Mother Nature’s pure remedy… or synthetic garbage?

How To Use Essential Oils

When you’re just getting started, one of the most confusing aspects of essential oils is how to use them.

There are really only three basic ways:

1. Smell them
2. Apply them
3. Eat them

Using the fragrance of Real essential oils has been documented for eons. It’s how most people are introduced to them.

So when it comes to smelling them, you have a couple of options: you can put a few drops in your hand and smell them directly; or you can put them in a special device called a diffuser that sprays a fine mist into the air.

Diffusing is a great way to keep any room smelling fresh and vibrant all day long.

The other two are pretty self-explanatory: you can rub them on your body or you can eat them.

Be warned: Some oils are very powerful and if you rub them directly onto your skin, you may break out in a rash. When using a new oil, it’s best to rub it on only a small area first to see how you react.

And when I say “eat” them – most people just put a few drops in their favorite beverage or on their food.

Remember to use real therapeutic oils if you want to try that, as synthetic oils can be dangerous.

Mother Nature’s Essential Oils

Recently, I found a company that makes essential oils that I tried out, and I really loved their products!

It’s called VasagoFineFragrances & Essential Oils for men and women – which I kind of like because essential oils are Mother Nature’s miracle.

One thing that set them apart was that they created a few special blends that can be used in any of the three ways I listed above.

So now, rather than trying to decide how to best use the oil, you don’t have to even think about it… just use whichever one suits your fancy!

But here’s the real reason I like them: they only use the best, highest quality plants for their oils.

You know, there are a lot of companies out there that talk a big talk… yet when you get under the hood you quickly discover that they’re all smoke and mirrors.

I used to use oils from another company that promoted itself as organic and all natural. However, one day I discovered how they actually processed their oils and I was horrified… there was nothing natural about it at all!

You can be darned sure that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice!

 When I bought my first order fromVasagoFineFragrances & Essential Oils, I did a little more research into their business practices.

Here’s what I discovered:

    • VasagoFineFragrances Essential Oils has a guarantee for customers of the source quality and purity.


    • Each of the product sources, which span the globe in over 30 countries, must submit documentation outlining product specifications, labeling standards and container compliance for every product.


    • VasagoFineFragrances Essential Oils state that they have “uncompromising standards for pure, consistent and reliable essential oils.”


    • They also will only work with grower direct premium oils… meaning they don’t use a middleman. They will only work with the person directly responsible for growing the plants.


Now, with all this attention to purity and premium delivery, you would think that their oils would carry a premium price.

Yet again, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how much my order would cost.

To be honest, were actually a bit curious to know how they are able to offer the low cost they do and still maintain the high-quality that they do.

But hey, I’m not complaining!

Now that we have covered both the application as well as the many benefits of the VasagoFineFragrances &(Essential Oil) Blends, you can try them for yourself today.

These rare oils have changed the way that I live my life and I wanted to share with everyone else out there my experience because even with all the buzz I was still hesitant due to my lack of understanding on how these dang things work. Start by seeing the essential oil usages so you can find the perfect oils for you. They take the guessing out of what may work for you . Were excited for you to get started and change your health and ultimately your life!

Customers LOVE VasagoFineFragrances & Essential Oils!


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