“Give Them The Gift of Something Exclusive, Eloquent And Unique”

There’s one certain way to guarantee yourself a repeat invite: a world-class host gift. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll have a present with just the right vibe. Present them with the gift of “Magic”. A gift that will be admired each time you glance or look at the “uniqueness” and “elegance” of our fragrance of Vasago for Him & Her. Vasago for Him has a slight hint of a woodsy, vanilla and lemon aroma, with other essentials to arouse your senses and make you feel like a million bucks. The fragrance Vasago for Her has a slight hint of lavender, vanilla with a hint of tangerine aroma, with other essentials to awaken your senses to make you feel like you rule the “World”. Imagine meeting that special someone, and the two of you are wearing this exclusive, unique fragrance. The “Magic” will begin for both of you. Let the “Love” begin starting with the vice that this is the start of an “Enchanting” love story.
Upon visiting each other home where they keep their “Exclusive” “Flacons” with a choosen fragrance, or much more as they love how your “Flacons” compliment a vanity in your guest bathroom, bedroom, vanity or where ever you desire to get attention from his or her eyes.

You actually smell with your brain: Not your nose, as you might assume. Everyone has a unique “smell print”. No two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots, meaning specific odors we can’t pick up on. That room spray that smells like violets to you and likes herbs to your friend? You can both be right. Scents can conjure up memories. Most of your scent memories, however, come from the first decade of your life, unlike visual or other sensory memory types. The most profound smell people are triggered by from their childhood, is the scent of fresh crayons! Your nose contains 10 million smell receptors, which can distinguish 10 trillion distinct scents. Feelings of fear or disgust can be smelled through when you smell that fragrance you can actually adopt that same emotion. You can also smell happiness and sexual arousal, as long as the person you’re smelling is a close romantic partner. The human nose is almost as sensitive as the noses of many animals, including dogs.

Your scent cells are renewed every 28 days, so every four weeks you get a new “nose”, but your sense of smell diminishes with. Good smells make you happier. Smelling a fragrance you perceive as pleasant has a positive effect on the mind. So if you love musk, keeping a oil on your desk can help lift your mood when you’re down. The same goes for citrus scents. Aromas is an elusive and mysterious sense. There are fewer than you might think: some researchers hypothesize that there are only seven primary odors: musky, putrid, pungent, like mothballs, ethereal like dry cleaning fluid, floral, and minty. Perfumers are so brilliant at their jobs not because they have better noses, but because they have perfected the art of thinking about scents and classifying them. Humans have 350 functional olfactory receptor genes. Mice have 1,300.

With this said, your nose can become over saturated when you smell lots of different scents a row. So between smelling each scent, it is important to reset the nose. How to do this? Put your nose in your clothes and in. Clothes may not have any potent odor but will free the nasal passages to experience other scents. Also, smelling coffee beans helps cleanse the. Coffee beans are what I would recommend. We hope you have enjoyed our post. Please stay touch as we will be posting more post, pages, fun things for fragrance lovers and a “Promotional” giveaway to (1) very lucky man and women. With gratitude!